Why are we part of the PHOENIX Initiative?

A more resource efficient production with further reduction of the carbon footprint of the chemical industry  will rely on a mix of technology options including the utilisation of alternative carbon sources such as as CO2.

Many chemical companies already invest in the development of technologies for the chemical valorisation of CO2. The utilisation of CO2, as an alternative feedstock will be a major technological transition for the chemical industry and would entail significant investments.

In order to create business opportunities in europe, in the framework of global competitiveness and ensure leadership of Europe technologies enabling the development of a more circular and climate neutral economy, it is essential to provide appropriate support to the development of  CO2 conversion technologies at all technology readiness levels, up to pilot plant and first-of-a-kind industrial plant in Europe.

Complementarity of actions at European and national (and regional) level is critical to investments in CO2 valorisation technologies in Europe. Therefore, Cefic supports actively the PHOENIX initiative for a European integrated approach to CO2 valorisation.

What do we do in CO2 valorisation?

CO2 can be considered as an alternative carbon feedstock in the chemical sector and chemical companies can provide technologies for CO2 valorisation, such as catalysts or cost competitive capture and purification technologies.

The chemical valorisation of CO2 has been a research and innovation priority for the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem) since its creation, by Cefic and other partner organisations in 2004.

Cefic is one of the founding members of the public-private-partnership on Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency (SPIRE) under Horizon 2020 with CO2 valorisation as one of the alternative feedstock priorities in its roadmap.

Cefic is engaged in dialogue with European institutions to encourage an appropriate consideration of CO2 conversion technologies in the development of European Green Deal.

Cefic has been working since 2014 on the inclusion of CO2 valorisation in the Integrated Roadmap (SET-IR) and implementation plan of the Strategic Energy Technology Plan.

CO2 valorisation has been presented to the European Commission as one of the priorities of the chemical sector for the Innovation Fund.

Cefic is also contributing to the organisation of European events aiming to improve the understanding of the opportunities and challenges related to the development and deployment of CO2 valorisation technologies in and from Europe.


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