Technical Scope

Technical Scope of the PHOENIX Initiative

Why CO2 valorisation?

  • Carbon is a crucial part of a wide variety of products – from food to materials – all essential to society.
  • Alternative carbon sources and production pathways need to be considered for more sustainable production in and from Europe.
  • CO2 sources are abundant and available in Europe.
  • Recycling carbon from CO2 for a more sustainable production of chemicals, materials, fuels and biomass needs to be part of our European strategy towards CO2 emission reduction in a future circular economy.

A broad spectrum of technologies and applications

CO2 valorisation spans many technologies and application areas. This requires the collaboration of many different industrial sectors and offers new opportunities for cross-sectoral business models.

The technical scope of the PHOENIX initiative therefore includes five elements  that can contribute to a more sustainable production of chemicals, materials, fuels, biomass and provide means to store renewable energy as well as access to CO2 as cross-cutting element.

It is the ambition of PHOENIX to build the future of CO2 valorisation on a European scale, collaborating across national borders. PHOENIX will strive for joint progress, but recognises that policies will vary from country to country or region to region. In striving for progress, PHOENIX will make optimal use of national, regional and European instruments.