Why are we part of the PHOENIX Initiative?

CCU is an integral part of Flanders’ Climate strategy. The presence of the largest integrated fuel and chemistry cluster in Europe leads to large emissions on a relatively small surface. This makes Flanders a very suitable location to create and integrate innovative systems to capture and valorise CO2.

Flanders supports the development of the “Moonshot” Flanders CO2-neutral, including the support of CCS-networks and CCU-installations. Moreover, Flanders has the ambition to become a European frontrunner in hydrogen-technology.

What do we do in CO2 valorisation?

Flanders supports several pioneer activities in CCU and CO2-valorisation. Based on an experience of several years in industrial biotechnology, Flanders hosts one of the world’s larger CCU demonstration plants. The large chemical industry cluster in Flanders further investigates the possibilities to transform CO2 into valuable chemicals and feedstocks.

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