• Flanders joins PHOENIX!

    Flanders has officially joined the PHOENIX Initiative. We welcome our new partner and look forward to future endeavours.

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    The PHOENIX Initiative is happy to support other activities in CO2 valorisation. We can organise sessions at conferences, act as a broker for experts or provide feedback on publications.

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  • What is PHOENIX?

    The PHOENIX Initiative aims to facilitate the development and implementation of CO2 valorisation technologies.

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  • The PHOENIX mission

    Find out more about the PHOENIX mission and objectives in our latest publication.


Phoenix Initiative

The PHOENIX Initiative is a collaborative effort supported by the EU Member States and regions Flanders, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic). PHOENIX will function as an umbrella initiative linking national and European RD&I activities with respect to CO2 valorisation to ensure an optimal use of public funding and private investment.


PHOENIX will interact with all relevant stakeholders from industry through research institutions to national governments and the European Commission.



  • 22  Jun  2020

    ETS Innovation fund: CO2 valorisation part of the portfolio

    The first call of the ETS Innovation fund is expected to be launched in July 2020 and will consider CCU as one of the focus areas for projects.

    The EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), the world’s largest carbon pricing system, is providing the revenues for the Innovation Fund from the auctioning of 450 million allowances from 2020 to 2030, as well as any unspent funds from the NER300 programme.




Phoenix team – FL

Dries Maes

Phoenix team – FR

Xavier Montagne

Phoenix team – DE

Dr. Vera Grimm

Phoenix team – NL

Edith Engelen

Phoenix team – Cefic

Dr. Sophie Wilmet


Latest short publication on the PHOENIX initiative.

PHOENIX Initiative